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Closest related principles - Core Interrelations taken from interrelations below.

Our Teacher said serving is the greatest, he who humbles himself. Woe to the hypocrite! (prideful one) Rather have mercy on your neighbor. Having faith in God you can overcome your
harmful desires through actions such as these. Otherwise you will be deceived by your unbelieving heart, as evidenced by what your life visibly produces. Refusal brings judgement into eternal fire because it shows a prideful will to not believe God's Word about Jesus, and not put yourself at His command to love your neighbor. (principles from MT23:1-39)

Unbelief moves you into darkness; you don't see what's happening spiritually, and you can be deceived by others who are in the dark. Believing helps you understand and be in touch with what God is doing. (principles from MT15:39-16:12)

Obey the word of God and be blessed. Though men may not see your true motivation, the Lord sees it in everything you do, and knows if you obey from the heart or not. (principles from LK11:27-52)

Some unbelievers deceive people away from the truth, from God Himself. They and their followers will be exposed and judged unfavorably, and what they did in private will be proclaimed to everyone. As for open harmfulness, God will take away the life of anyone who is greedy for possessions and a life of leisure. Give a large portion of your wealth to the poor (see also LK 19:1-10), and don't wait. Be ready to meet the Lord. We all must repent or perish. Though the Lord is patient, our time does have a limit. (principles from LK11:53-13:9)

God is inside us, don't believe otherwise, don't give up asking because He hears since He's right there inside you the whole time; ask boldly in faith, and yet humbly, asking for mercy. (principles from LK17:20-18:14)

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