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God disconnects from some

Closest related principles - Core Interrelations taken from interrelations below.

Being forceful and sensitive helps you see God's call unmistakably and take the right actions, proving your alignment with God. God disconnects from people who refuse the authority of Jesus after God makes Jesus real to them; this Jesus who came from Him. Those who accept Jesus find rest for their souls. Understanding how important it is to God that we show people mercy helps us clearly distinguish right from wrong. (principles from MT11:7-12:8)

Unbelievers you grew up with may reject your new life in Christ. You can do amazing things to help people when you believe.
      If you refuse the Teacher you will not overcome the harm from within.
           Your insensitivity will
cause God to disconnect from you and then you will be overcome by your harmful desires. (principles from principles from MT13:53-15:20)

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