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evil non-human beings

Closest related principles - Core Interrelations taken from interrelations below.

God will enable you to believe in spite of the persecution you will endure
on your journey. Satan tries to disrupt your walk with God, and some unbelievers bring persecution and death to believers. In the end we will all be rewarded by Christ according to our works, and nothing will change his decision. (principles from MT16:13-28)  Applying the principles in view of the world will cost you your old lifestyle and possibly your body, but you have to do it. (principles from MK8:31-38)  Better to deny yourself daily, unashamedly tell the gospel, and be persecuted than to gain the whole world and be eternally condemned. (principles from LK9:18-27)

Jesus is gentle, not loud and quarrelsome, and has inner harmony. Unbelief is against God and His goodness, and if you have it, it will come out. Unbelief puts you in the dark with evil beings. Apply the principles (one is to believe in Jesus) and join the family of God. (principles from MT12:15-50)

Leave the lifeless and go to your Savior, never looking back. Then you will be ready to serve in the kingdom of God. Evil spirits and some unbelievers are enemies to the believers, seek to harm the believers sent out amongst them, but believers have power to overcome their power. (principles from LK9:51-10:24)

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