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Love your neighbor, being careful not to offend him. Show the childlike humility that leads one into true believing and greatness. Unbelievers tend to cause believers to sin (do harmful things); they better take as strong a measure as possible to stop or they will be sorry. Perhaps one of the best ways to overcome our harmful desires is through serving others. Jesus served us by coming to find us and save us when we had gone astray. When you start serving others and have your relationships with others inline with the principles in spite of all the problems that come up, and this involves A LOT of forgiving and mercy (these are the fruits of true believing), then you can ask what you wish from the Father, and it is yours. (principles from MT17:24-18:35)

You might as well forget about divorcing your spouse and then marrying someone else (unless the one you divorced was maritally unfaithful); it is not the way. The kingdom of heaven belongs to people with childlike humility. (principles from MT19:1-14)

Humility toward the Lord enables you to ask persistently for His help and to believe He can do things you can't, bringing His healing into your world. (principles from MT15:21-28)

God is inside us, don't believe otherwise, don't give up asking because He hears since He's right there inside you the whole time; ask boldly in faith, and yet humbly, asking for mercy. (principles from LK17:20-18:14)

Miraculous power available to the humble believer who repents of his sin (harmfulness); use that power to save people. (principles from LK5:4-11)

Breaking old habits and changing our ways adds difficulty to applying the principles. Asking for mercy, with faith in Jesus' healing power, WILL bring healing. (principles from MT9:14-31)

Jesus has God the Father's approval to teach the principles, and tells us not to be afraid of God's presence. We are mistreated by some people that do not recognize that we belong to God and show the way to Him. Jesus does not like being around unbelief and perversion. The humble one asks for help and receives power to do the impossible through believing. (principles from MT17:1-21)


Asking the Lord's mercy brings His healing power into our lives. Jesus involves us in His miraculous work and protects our relationship with God. The humble worship Jesus. (principles from MT20:29-21:16)

    Prideful people can not even manage to get their questions answered, while the
humble believer has whatever he asks. The fruit or lack of fruit due to rejecting Christ is evident, and so is your placement either in or out of God's Eternal Kingdom. (principles from MT21:17-46)


Humility helps people find Jesus even while dying. (principles from LK23:39-43)

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