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bad things to do

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Leave the lifeless and go to your Savior, never looking back. Then you will be ready to serve in the kingdom of God. Evil spirits and some unbelievers are enemies to the believers, seek to harm the believers sent out amongst them, but believers have power to overcome their power. (principles from LK9:51-10:24)

Relationship problems are caused by the bad things we do from the harmfulness in our hearts.
Looking at women lustfully is adulterous and leads you into hell.
...You may really have to get a handle on the harmfulness in your heart in order not to get divorced.
...The harmer may take away your worldly things, burden you, or attack your dignity.
........So it's not easy because now you must lovingly offer yourself to them
Don't do your giving, good deeds, and praying to be seen by others, as hypocrites do.
Don't swear by God or anything else, simply say 'yes' or 'no'.
...We better ask God to help us quit doing all these things that are bad to do.
We worship from start to end and along the way we overcome our frail harmful nature, after applying God's will to our life; giving up the worldly things and forgiving each other. (principles from MT5:21-6:15)

The rich will only enter the kingdom of heaven with great difficulty; it is hard to give away a large portion of your wealth (see also LK 19:1-10), (soften the heart and repent of that selfishness). God will  bestow many blessings of heaven on those who give things up for Jesus' sake. And for those who get puffed up and think they are better than others, He will take action to help overcome this harmful problem. God will put us to work in fruitful ways and reward us after we are finished. Don't grumble against God's generosity toward other believers. (principles from MT19:15-20:16)

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