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Jesus has power

Closest related principles - Core Interrelations taken from interrelations below.

Believe that Jesus has the power to heal, because he does. (principles from MK5:30-34)

Asking the Lord's mercy brings His healing power into our lives. Jesus involves us in His miraculous work and protects our relationship with God. The humble worship Jesus. (principles from MT20:29-21:16)

    Prideful people can not even manage to get their questions answered, while the humble believer has WHATEVER he asks. The fruit or lack of fruit due to rejecting Christ is evident, and so is your placement either in or out of God's Eternal Kingdom. (principles from MT21:17-46)

Jesus has
eternal authority and power. (principles from LK1:26-38)

After defeating Satan, Jesus came back in the power of the Spirit to heal us and set us free from the harm that imprisons and oppresses us. (principles from LK4:14-21)

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