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Prayer And Asking God

Lord, I'm glad I can get away from all the dealings of the world and pray to you. Have mercy on me. I do harm to myself and others, but you can cleanse my soul. Help me overcome the harm I do, and help me not enter into temptation. I forgive those who harm me. By your power keep my Christian brothers, sisters, and I, one, as you and Jesus are one, and protect us from the evil which would tear us apart, so that others may know Jesus really is the Savior. Set us apart by your word of truth. Give us your Holy Spirit so that we might dwell in close fellowship with you, and do your works so that you may be glorified. I'll keep asking for these things with confidence, knowing you will do these things I ask as you see me doing your will in a lasting way. Lord, help my neighbors find you so they can overcome their own harmful ways and live in the joy and abundance of your Holy Spirit. I ask all these things in Jesus' name.

As we become unselfish, learn to love, we ask for the right things. When we believe in Jesus and learn to forgive those who sin against us, God forgives us. And then as we start bearing much lasting fruit of the kingdom, letting our light shine so that others may see Jesus in us by our love and unity, and helping others truly believe in and remain in Jesus Christ, God grants whatever we ask. We must serve others, tell people about Jesus, and have our relationships with people in line with the principles of God, as far as it depends on us, in spite of all the problems and pain, being full of forgiveness and mercy. These are the fruits of true believing; we then have whatever we ask.

Closest related principles - Core Interrelations taken from interrelations below.

Jesus makes people clean, and it doesn't take Him long to do it. Jesus balanced teaching and healing crowds of people with getting away to pray. (principles from LK5:12-16)

Relationship problems are caused by the bad things we do from the harmfulness in our hearts.
...Looking at women lustfully is adulterous and leads you into hell.
...You may really have to get a handle on the harmfulness in your heart in order not to get divorced.
...The harmer may take away your worldly things, burden you, or attack your dignity.
........So it's not easy because now you must lovingly offer yourself to them
...Don't do your giving, good deeds, and praying to be seen by others, as the hypocrites do.

...Don't swear by God or anything else, simply say 'yes' or 'no'.
...We better ask God to help us quit doing all these things that are bad to do.
We worship from start to end and along the way we overcome our frail harmful nature, after applying God's will to our life; giving up the worldly things and forgiving each other. (principles from MT5:21-6:15)

Believe and God will grant whatever you ask. Forgive others while you pray, and God will forgive the harm you've done. (principles from MK11:20-26)

Ask God to lead us not into temptation, and to help us find the good life that He wants us to have. He will give the Holy Spirit to His children who ask him. (principles from LK11:1-13)

God is inside us, don't believe otherwise, don't give up asking because He hears since He's right there inside you the whole time; ask boldly in faith, and yet humbly, asking for mercy. (principles from LK17:20-18:14)

It is greater to serve, and one can lead from there. Satan may persecute you for a while, but Jesus helps you stay faithful. Loving your enemies can be quite different from defending yourself from someone who is trying to kill you. Pray that you will not fall into temptation. (principles from LK22:24-46)

Jesus has authority over all of us; we need the Father and Son to bring us into eternal life, which is knowing Him. We will glorify Him by doing all the work He has given us to do. Jesus and the Father are one; the Father will protect us to keep His people one with each other. The Father and the Son will be in us, and us in them. Jesus is giving us all His joy. Even though the world hates us, God will protect us from the evil one. And through Jesus, we can overcome our own harmful desires. The world will know Jesus came from God and that God loves us when they see we believers are in God, and when they see the way believers love each other and the complete unity God brings about in us, which is a glorious thing. And these are things we pray about; that God will protect us from evil, make us one with each other, and set us apart by the truth of His word. Our believing in Jesus will bring us into heaven. God loves us and lives with us. (principles from JH17:1-17:26)

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whatever you ask

Closest related principles - Core Interrelations taken from interrelations below.

...You can't tell right from wrong when
you're so caught up with running after money and worldly things.
...Only Jesus our Savior can distract us from our worldly pursuits; He provides.
...Once you start judging, you're going to have relationship problems.
...Some unbelievers may attack you when you tell them what you most highly value.
...If we love our unbelieving neighbors
we'll ask God to heal them and He'll take action on their behalf.
...Better have some faith because they are going to need it.
...The way is narrow and you can't buck the system.
...After all is said and done you better have done what God said. (principles from MT6:19-7:29)

Serve, and do some of the lowly work. Jesus sends us to carry the gospel to people; if they accept us they accept Him and God. They will know we are His disciples by our love for each other. Do not be troubled. Trust in Jesus, and believe that He is coming back to take us to heaven. Jesus is the only true way to eternal life with God the Father. He is One with the Father, speaking and living the principles of God since they live in each other, as the miracles show. Believers will do what Jesus did and have His joy. Jesus loves and lives in them, and so does God the Father and the Holy Spirit. When Jesus and the Father see you continually applying their principles (one is to believe in them) and producing many lasting good results, they will give you whatever you ask for in Jesus' name, and Jesus will give you His peace as well. Whoever does not bear good results will be cut off from God and burned. Jesus knows you love Him by the way you apply the principles, which is summed up by loving each other as Jesus loves us. Doing much of this will bring glory to God, and He will reveal Himself to us. As you love, some who belong to the world and hate God may hate you for speaking about Jesus. Tell people about Jesus, even though some misjudge and hurt you. The Holy Spirit is here in the world convicting people of where they stand before God, and making the Father's principles known to us. Believing in Jesus brings God's love into your life, and through Him you can overcome this troublesome world. (principles from JH13:1-16:33)

Believe and God will grant whatever you ask. Forgive others while you pray, and God will forgive the harm you've done. (principles from MK11:20-26)

Prideful people can not even manage to get their questions answered, while the humble believer has WHATEVER he asks. The fruit or lack of fruit due to rejecting Christ is evident, and so is your placement either in or out of God's Eternal Kingdom. (principles from MT21:17-46)

Love your neighbor, being careful not to offend him. Show the childlike humility that leads one into true believing and greatness. Unbelievers tend to cause believers to sin (do harmful things); they better take as strong a measure as possible to stop or they will be sorry. Perhaps one of the best ways to overcome our harmful desires is through serving others. Jesus served us by coming to find us and save us when we had gone astray. When you start serving others and have your relationships with others inline with the principles in spite of all the problems that come up, and this involves A LOT of forgiving and mercy (these are the fruits of true believing), then you can ask what you wish from the Father, and it is yours. (principles from MT17:24-18:35)

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