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no-one ever said it was going to be easy

Closest related principles - Core Interrelations taken from interrelations below.

Though applying the principles is so difficult
with the hatred people sometimes inflict on us and trying not to retaliate with that same hatred, Jesus brings us life. (principles from MT26:26-56)

God will enable you to believe in spite of the persecution you will endure on your journey. Satan tries to disrupt your walk with God, and some unbelievers bring persecution and death to believers. In the end we will all be rewarded by Christ according to our works, and nothing can change his decision. (principles from MT16:13-28) Applying the principles in view of the world will cost you your old lifestyle and possibly your body, but you have to do it. (principles from MK8:31-38) Better to deny yourself daily, unashamedly tell the gospel, and be persecuted than to gain the whole world and be eternally condemned. (principles from LK9:18-27)

Give up having your closest relationships with family outside Christ, and be willing to suffer abuse and even death for Him, though this is difficult, or you can't be His disciple. (principles from LK14:25-35)

More people are needed to tell about Jesus, people who will freely give the blessings of Christ. God will maintain the needs of these workers. God will punish those who do not welcome or listen to you. You will be out among some devouring, cunning unbelievers, so be shrewd and innocent. Many people will hate you because of Jesus and call you evil, but he who stands firm to the end will be saved. God will give you words to say to them. Then flee the scene. Disclose to people the reality of Christ that you know. Do not be afraid of those that kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Whoever acknowledges Jesus before people, Jesus will acknowledge him before God the Father. Whoever disowns Jesus before people, Jesus will disown him before God the Father. The gospel brings many conflicts between people; you must love Jesus the most and endure persecution, though this is difficult, to be worthy of relationship with Jesus. If you die for Jesus, you will find life. If you stay alive by disowning Jesus, you'll loose life. Whoever receives you because of your relationship with Jesus will receive a reward as though he had that kind of relationship with Jesus. (principles from MT9:35-10:42)

Jesus does not always do what’s safe; rather, He puts God’s principles into action. (principles from MK11:15-19)

Whoever is not against Jesus and his followers is for them. All of us will go through difficult trials, and we must retain our stubborn persistence in sticking to the principles. But we should be at peace with others who are for Jesus. (principles from MK9:38-50)

Repentance is shown by how we try to apply the principles. God will throw those who refuse to repent into unquenchable fire. Those who repent will be cleansed by and given life in the Holy Spirit, but will also pass through trials. (principles from LK3:1-18)

Repent, confess your harmfulness, prepare the way for the Lord to come into your life. A godly heritage won't save you. If you don't produce good fruit, (apply the principles), you will be thrown into hell. Those who repent will be cleansed by and given life in the Holy Spirit, but will also pass through trials. (principles from MT3:1-12)

It's not easy to give a large portion of your wealth to the poor. God expects us to at least start by putting what we have to work in His service in some small way. (principles from LK19:1-27)

Sometimes the work of God is displayed in our life through overcoming severe hardships, and that's not going to happen as long as we're distracted with worldly endeavors, and as long as our pride is in place, ruling our life. Jesus protects His own from those kind of people, (what they themselves used to be), He saves them, blessing them with a full, full life. It's not easy being hated and misjudged by the world for the good things we do, but Jesus saves us. (principles from JH9:1-10:21)

Relationship problems are caused by the bad things we do from the harmfulness in our hearts.
...Looking at women lustfully is adulterous and leads you into hell.
...You may really have to get a handle on the harmfulness in your heart in order not to get divorced.
...The harmer may take away your worldly things, burden you, or attack your dignity.
it's not easy because now you must lovingly offer yourself to them.
...Don't do your giving, good deeds, and praying to be seen by others, as the hypocrites do.

...Don't swear by God or anything else, simply say 'yes' or 'no'.
...We better ask God to help us quit doing all these things that are bad to do.
We worship from start to end and along the way we overcome our frail harmful nature, after applying God's will to our life; giving up the worldly things and forgiving each other. (principles from MT5:21-6:15)

Loving, caring, and helping may get you into trouble in this world. Follow Jesus. (principles from JH21:15-19)

Breaking old habits and changing our ways adds difficulty to applying the principles. Asking for mercy, with faith in Jesus' healing power, WILL bring healing. (principles from MT9:14-31)

Sometimes things appropriate for old situations are not right for new situations, and the change may be difficult to accept. Do what is appropriate to being in Christ. (principles from MK2:18-22)

Jesus has authority to teach the words of God to us because He came from Him. Believing and accepting Jesus brings eternal life, rejecting Him brings death. This life consists of being filled with the Holy Spirit, who satisfies our cravings. Then we truly will worship God. Right now in this world we must do the work of God until it is finished, and it is difficult to do His work in this world. (principles from JH3:22-4:42)

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